DIY Mini Folk Candlesticks

DIY Mini Folk Candlesticks // Love From Ginger

Before you think I’m suddenly obsessed with all things candles, I had some chair legs left over from the DIY Scandinavian-inspired candle holders last week, so I thought what better to do than make some cute mini people with them!

You know I love a 5 minute DIY and these are so easy to make it seems almost silly to even put steps, but I took some cute pictures to share so here goes…

DIY Mini Folk Candlesticks // Love From Ginger


Wooden chair legs (you can buy them from your local hardware store – mine even came sanded!)
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
A bowl of water to wash you brushes

These wooden chair legs are what make this DIY so easy. Mine came pre-drilled with a perfect candle sized hole as well. Trust me, they make you look like an awesome woodworker without lifting a tool.

DIY Mini Folk Candlesticks // Love From Ginger

Step 01: If you aren’t confident with the face design, draw it lightly in pencil first.

Step 02: Paint your hair first and wait for it to dry. Add another coat to give your candle holder a lovely rich colour.

Step 03: Paint your face on using a nice fine brush.

DIY Mini Folk Candlesticks // Love From Ginger

Step 04: Leave your candle holders to dry overnight.

You could add a layer of varnish if you wanted a glossier look.

DIY Mini Folk Candlesticks // Love From Ginger

They are so adorable don’t you think?

I can’t wait to use mine on the mantle and watch their cute little face glowing in the candle light.

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