Free Mini Envelopes + Being Thankful

Free Mini Envelopes + Giving Thanks via Love From Ginger

Do you have a go to person for inspiration? Someone who always makes you wonder how you can make yourself a better person, or push yourself to work harder at your goals?

I am lucky to have a lot of friends and family who inspire me, but in the blogging world there are also amazing people who make me want to work harder and give more.

Melanie from Fifth and Hazel is one of those people. Not only is her blog full of beautiful ideas like the Unexpected Type series she creates with her daughters, she also runs a fun online shop with the amazing Lovelands called Caravan and teaches at my go-to place for online classes Nicole’s Classes. I’m always inspired by talented people who aren’t afraid to make their design dreams into real jobs through hard work – I hope that will be me one day too!

This week however, Melanie has really got me thinking with her instagram Daily Service Challenge. Pop over and read the beautiful story that has inspired her and her daughters to give thanks each day leading up to Christmas.

Melanie made a sweet free printable card for Nicole’s Classes which has a really great message at this time of the year. I’m planning on giving it to some of those people who inspire me and I thought some cute envelopes were just what was needed to show people how much you appreciate them. After all, you can’t give a card without a pretty envelope!

Free Mini Envelopes + Giving Thanks via Love From Ginger


Melanie’s gratitude card (download from Nicole’s Classes)
Free envelope template download
Washi tape

*Tip: use a glue tape so the envelopes don’t get soggy! 

Free Mini Envelopes + Giving Thanks via Love From Ginger


Step 1: Print your grateful card at 65% to ensure it fits into the envelope. You can do this using the setting on your printer.

Print your envelope and cut out your template following the edges of the envelope.

Turn over the envelope so the printed side is face down. Fold over the left edge, the right edge and the bottom edge using the little dots as a guide.

Glue the bottom flap onto the side flaps.


Step 2: Write your message on your card and pop inside the envelope.

To close your envelopes, use a little piece of washi tape.

Use a contrasting colour to make the envelope bright and cheerful.

Free Mini Envelopes + Giving Thanks via Love From Ginger

Thank you Melanie for all the hard work you do in inspiring others to be the best they can be.

If we were neighbours, you’d find one of these in your letterbox this afternoon!

I hope you can take the time this week to follow Melanie and her family’s lead and do a daily service for someone special too.

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4 thoughts on “Free Mini Envelopes + Being Thankful

  1. Mallory

    Hi Rachael! We love this little tutorial! We’d love to link to it on the blog and repost a few pictures if you don’t mind. Email me and let me know! Thanks!


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