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My Goals in 2014 | Love From Ginger

Do you make goals at the beginning of each year? I find I reflect often on where I’m travelling, but January always feels like the right time to think about dreams and plans and wonder what the next 12 months will bring.

I’m making 2014 a year of transformation and discovery and let me tell you, there is definitely going to be some stepping out of my comfort zone.

ONE: Making and creating is a one of my biggest passions (as evidenced here!) and this year I’m striving to build this into projects that are good for the earth, fun for kids and meaningful for our homes and busy lives. I want to step away from just the pin-worthy stuff and create projects that inspire us to be better people, help us to show kindness to each other and keep little minds busy too.

TWO: It was so exciting to open the Love From Ginger shop last year, but this year it’s time to grow and build the brand. You’ll be seeing more invitations, more art prints and lots of pretty paper goods.

THREE: I have a big secret regarding life outside of Love From Ginger this year and whilst it’s not time to reveal it yet, keep your eyes out for some blog posts that might give it away! It’s going to take me in a totally new direction with my health and happiness and I can’t wait.

FOUR: I really love interacting with all of you who stop by regularly, and this year I’d love to grow this little community. I’m going to be posting a lot of beautiful, useful and fun content this year that I hope you’ll enjoy! Going to Alt Summit is my first step in this process. I’m hoping to learn new ways of making Love From Ginger a worthwhile place to visit, filled to the brim with inspiration for everyone who stops by.

FIVE: It’s been two years since I last went on a Grand Adventure (that resulted in us getting engaged!), so in 2014 it’s time to see more of this big world we live in. I’m also planning on making the Free Stock Photo Library more beautiful and photographing other places in the world will certainly help make that a reality.

Phew! Big plans. I’d love to hear yours too – we can work hard together!

Alright 2014, let’s go!

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10 thoughts on “Goals 2014

    1. Rach Post author

      Thanks so much Marianne! I think I might be disappointing you if you’re thinking it’s a mini-Ginger! No baby news.

  1. Rebecca

    These are great goals and I can’t wait to hear about your secret announcement! 2014 sounds like an exciting year for you and I can’t wait to follow along and see it all unfold!


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