Happy Things

Happy Snack

Do you follow Megan and Mike’s Simple Evenings posts? They create suppers that focus on simplicity and local produce. It really looks like something special is being created in these evenings.

I like what Megan says was the inspiration for these celebrations…

…this Summer has brought me many realizations [about] the true importance of taking time to celebrate relationships. For quite some time I have seen this movement of my life…going simpler and simpler and on some level it seems quieter and quieter, but more and more beautiful in my eyes…

It feels to me like Megan is onto something. Going slower, spending time with beautiful friends and enjoying simple meals seems like the perfect way to be happy.

Happy Flowers

Happy Soup

I spent this past Sunday afternoon at one of my dearest friend’s houses enjoying a simple meal of soup and fresh bread.

And a few (or more!) cute chocolate stars.

And this lovely meal, with all the laughs it brought with it, was the perfect weekend thing to do.

I hope you have the chance to spend a happy meal with someone today too.

PS. That yummy soup was cauliflower, which surprised me, as usually I’m not a fan! Here’s a tasty recipe to try.

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