When Life Gives You Pineapples…

When life gives you pineapples...via Love From Ginger // lovefromginger.com

Hello lovely people. You know the old saying “When life gives you lemons…”? Well, for me this year it’s seemed the bad luck has been more like a big ‘ol juicy pineapple or two…

I just wanted to drop in and let you know I am still here. For those of you who have been patiently awaiting the return of this ‘lil blog, the good news is, I’ve finally received the all clear to use my broken wrist. Hooray!

And in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been at, you can see all the ups and downs of my snowboarding accident here. Let’s just say, it wasn’t quite what I expected to happen right before Alt Summit.

I’m hoping to be creating and making all sorts of lovely projects for you very soon.

Until then, here’s a little gift just for you. You can download this free print [for all those times when life is giving you more than lemons] right here.

**Please note this download is for personal use only. Please read our Terms of Use before downloading.

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2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Pineapples…

    1. Rach Post author

      Hi Rach – thank you! You could blow it up to A3 without too much trouble – it’s a pretty high resolution PDF. It will definitely work in A4 though. There is enough space around it for a little white border too. So glad you love it!


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